15-17 November 2017


Building an Innovation Ecosystem

Although it continues to be a learning journey, several companies are starting to find the right mix of elements for their innovation programs to deliver results. Beyond the 1-day ideation challenges and hackathons, the focus is now on implementation, in tune with the context and culture of the broader organization.

It’s all about finding the balance between exploration, experimentation and execution. An ecosystem for innovation to come from anyone, anywhere, always. That’s what we’ll focus on during #IntraCnf Toronto.

You’ll dive into topics like

# succeeding with innovation labs, incubators and accelerators
# structuring, scaling and sustaining intrapreneurship programs
# culture of innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and skills
# innovation management, funding and metrics
# leadership buy-in and organizational alignment
# experimentation, agile and rapid prototyping
# digital transformation and organizational effectiveness


Day 1: Best & Next Practices

  • Learn how some C-suite leaders support intrapreneurship at their companies- and what results they expect
  • Gain insights on trending topics today and tomorrow, from experts working cross-industries
  • Understand all principles for building a innovation ecosystem at your organization

Day 2: Intrapreneur Stories & Peer Learning

  • Get the real and raw stories from 25+ innovators across industries, sharing their successes, failures and everything in between
  • Work on your actual challenges in 15+ whiteboard sessions, focused on key themes, facilitated by experts and designed to learn from peers

Day 3: Explore & Get To Work

  • Dive in Toronto’s innovation ecosystem- 10+ field trips to hotspots around the city
  • Develop new skills and experiment with new frameworks, tools and techniques during 10+ workshops
  • Powerful closing talks to help you implement once back in the office

Speakers & Sessions

Wherever you are on your intrapreneurial journey, you learn most by understanding how other companies are doing it. How are they getting results already, and how are they planning on scaling their programs? How are they including more and more people in their innovation efforts, and introducing new skills and new ways of working in the process? What are effective ways to manage portfolios, measure outcomes and report to leadership?

You’ll work with a curated group of 25+ international field experts, and 25+ corporate innovators from leading brands across industries, to get answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. Here’s a glimpse of the speakers and sessions for #IntraCnf Toronto.



Tristan Kromer

Gifford Pinchot

Salima Nathoo

Larry Keeley

Sonja Kresojevic

Idris Mootee

Ken Tencer


Hao Dinh
(GE Power)

Michael Nalepka (PMI)

Nathan Bobbin (Travelport)

Peggy Van De Plassche (CIBC)

Brian Zubert (Thomson Reuters)

Rachel Sumner (Pearson)

Shawn Mandel (Telus)

Christine Silva (RBC)

More soon...

Don't miss out... Seats are filling up!

To maximize learnings we limit seats, and there’s not a lot of them left. Last chance to join the last #IntraCnf this year!

The community

Beyond the high-quality sessions and diversity of speakers, past participants valued most meeting all these people in jobs like them and facing similar challenges, for countless and endless conversations. Many stay connected long after the conference, always just a phone call away.

We want you to connect, collaborate and co-create with peers. That’s how we design the event. That’s why we limit the number of participants. #IntraCnf is not just another conference. It’s a tribe.

Where did you find all these people? I wish had more like them at my company!

You’ll meet corporate innovators of all trades, all chasing similar objectives and facing similar challenges, across companies and industries:

# intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs
# innovation (program) managers and directors
# heads of labs, incubators and accelerators
# corporate venturing, strategy and business development managers
# R&D and product development professionals
# HR and organizational transformation leaders

The experience

It's Intimate

It's Immersive

It's International

Most conferences suck, because you’re forced to sit in a large hall with thousands of others listening to some guru on a stage far away. Past participants loved #IntraCnf because it offers a safe space for learning, sharing and collaborating. You’ll enjoy the open, personal and positive vibe, and being part of a tribe of 249+ corporate innovators looking for solutions to their challenges- like you.

We won’t lock you up in a hotel ballroom without windows- you’ll feel better in non-obvious venues and whilst you’re out exploring the local innovation ecosystem. Throughout the 3 days, you’ll join several powerful and practical sessions, working on real issues- not just playing with theory. More than a conference, this is a deep dive training offering you new insights, skills and mindsets.

You’ll become part of a truly global community, before, during and after the event. You’ll meet peers from 20+ countries across virtually all industries, all doing intrapreneurship in different ways, yet all committed to leading the way in their organizations. The diversity in the room will make for countless new insights, perspectives and outcomes.


We suggest you stay close to the Toronto Convention Center, from which we'll arrange transportation to other venues if and when needed. You'll get info on special deals with hotels after registration.

Day 1

Artscape Wychwood Barns

Day 2

Toronto Convention Center

Day 3

10+ corporate labs, startup spaces

Don't take our words for it.

Extremely well run! More great talks than I can count. The best part is I feel like it struck a balance between providing tons of new information, without overwhelming the attendees. My favorite part was the field trips.

A glimpse of #IntraCnf Stockholm




Corporate Innovators

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