Structuring, Scaling and Sustaining Intrapreneurship

Have we moved from the industrial age into the digital age, or have we? Whatever worked for your organization up until now, sooner or later you’ll find that it won’t anymore. The world has fundamentally changed, impacting each and every part of your company.

And that’s great news.

As innovators, maybe it isn’t really your job to come up with new products and services. Maybe your actual and most important work is to lead your company’s transformation. To introduce new ways of working. To create an environment of everyday experimentation for everyone.

Intrapreneurship is both a driver for and the outcome of that change. Done well, it speeds up everything. It makes change sticky. It facilitates learning and un-learning. It involves and includes. It breaks through traditional silos.

That’s why during #IntraCnf Stockholm, we’ll focus for on how to structure, scale and sustain your intrapreneurship efforts – for real. And we invite you to join the conversation.

Sessions & Speakers

Throughout the 3 days of #IntraCnf Stockholm, you’ll get updates from experts on what’s working now and what’s next, you’ll discuss approaches, successes and challenges with peers, and immerse yourself in practical and powerful workshops – so that you leave Stockholm with dozens of new ideas, techniques and tools to start implementing once you’re back in the office.

More than just sitting and consuming information (boring!), you’ll get to work on your actual projects. A former participant said this: “Never have I seen such a high density of high quality sessions during a conference. Amazing!”. ’nuff said, no?

So, roll up your sleeves, bring your challenges and let’s get started. Here’s the preliminary program for Intrapreneurship Conference Stockholm.

Download Preliminary Program

10:00 - 11:00 Opening

11:00 - 13:00 Trending Topic Talks

14:00 - 17:00 Intrapreneur Case Study Talks and Discussions

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

9:00 - 12:30 Field Trips (Coming Soon)

13:30 - 14:45 Whiteboard Sessions Round 1: Methods & Frameworks

15:00 - 16:15 Whiteboard Sessions Round 2: Culture & Leadership

16:30 - 17:30 Peer Circles

Whatever your question or challenge you want to get answers and solutions to, or whatever lessons learned you’d like to share with others, we’ve got you covered during the Peer Circles.

Following an un-conference format, you’ll join a group of people interested in that very same issue, to have in-depth conversations and exchange ideas, so that you go back to the office with no question left un-answered.

At our conferences, you’ll meet intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs, innovation (program) managers and directors, heads of labs, incubators and accelerators, corporate venturing, strategy and business development managers, R&D and product development professionals, HR and organizational transformation leaders, from across industries.

Since there’s so much to learn from your peers the program includes several peer learning sessions, and there’s ample room for networking during coffee breaks, lunches and social events in the evenings.

Intrapreneurship Conference, more than a traditional conference where you sit and listen allday, is above all a gathering of the glocal intrapreneurship community. We often get comments like – “Where did you find all these amazing people? I wish I had more people like them at my company!”


The #1 Glocal Platform for Intrapreneurship

Last November, we welcomed 225+ corporate innovators from leading brands around the world to Silicon Valley, for 3 days filled with talks, case studies, field trips, workshops, social events and lots, lots, lots of conversations.

Of course it’s easy for us to say this was another amazing #IntraCnf, but it’s actually the feedback we got from participants: they rated their experience 4.4 / 5 stars.

Guess what? Stockholm will be even better. Don’t miss out!

This is what happens if you put 225+ passionate innovators together for 3 days…




Corporate Innovators

I have attended many similar conferences and it was one of the best. The size of the attendance, the quality of the speakers, the topics, the diversity of formats, etc makes it unique. Great job!

It was truly incredible to no longer feel isolated in an innovation role at my company. The community development and networking were top notch.  

Extremely well run! More great talks than I can count. The best part is I feel like it struck a balance between providing tons of new information, without overwhelming the attendees. My favorite part was the field trips.

The conference team was stellar. Every detail felt flawless and well executed. I had an amazing experience, and came home with my brain on fire.

Limited Number of Early Bird Tickets Now Available

Earl Bird Ticket fee: €2399 > €1999

Save €400 if you register before April 13th

Early Bird

Deadline: April 13th
€1999 ex Swedish VAT
  • 3-day Pass incl
  • Field Trips
  • Networking Sessions
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Access to slides and videos after the event
  • Access to online community

The Venues

We always go where the action is. #IntraCnf Stockholm will be hosted at

  • Epicenter (Day 1, Wed 17 May)
  • Stockholm City Conference Center (Days 2 and 3, Thursday 18 May & Friday 19 May).

Plus, you’ll be able to visit innovation hubs across the city during the field trips. It will be fun!


Join the #1 glocal platform for intrapreneurship:Stockholm17-19 May 2017

Save €800 as Very Early Bird


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