The Power & Potential of Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurs have the most exciting and challenging roles in todays organizations. They have the power and potential to move faster than the hierarchy- but most times, need tofigure things out on the go. There is no handbook, no silver bullet, no right way of being intrapreneur and doing intrapreneurship.

The best if not only way to become effective intrapreneurs and run effective intrapreneurship programs, is learning from peers who are also doing it. Having long chats with peers about what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s exactly why we host Intrapreneurship Conference.

We create the space and curate speakers and sessions, all for participants to connect, share and learn. The ideas, insights and a-ha’s you get go beyond what you could possibly absorb in a year worth of books, podcasts and articles.

We trust the highlights from Intrapreneurship Conference Silicon Valley, as captured in this booklet, enlighten and entertain you and your colleagues on your journey as innovators.

30 pages, lots of learning & laughing, and countless insights.

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