Empower your employees, boost your innovation and growth

Intrapreneurship Conference 2013 has generated such an enthusiasm that we have added an open day to the event in partnership with Ashoka, BMW Foundation and CSR Europe who will launch the European Social Intrapreneurship Programme on this occasion.

The main international conference on Intrapreneurship will take place on 11, 12 & 13 December 2013 in Barcelona. During these three days we will take the opportunity to evaluate the impact of this innovation and employee engagement strategy that leads companies to tap into the entrepreneurial skills of their employees to stimulate their internal innovation.

The Intrapreneurship Conference aims to provide participants with the tools they need to create efficient platforms supporting intrapreneurial initiatives through inspiring Keynotes and practical workshops delivered by a group of Intrapreneurship experts and proven intrapreneurs, such as Ville Peltola (IBM), Shannon Lucas (Vodafone), Noam Wekser (Oracle), Michael Anthony (Allianz), Rob De Graaf (Philips), David Grayson (Cranfield school of Management), Philippe Méda (Merkapt), Neil Fogarty & Jamie Dunn (Spark GLobal Business) etc.

What’s in it for you? Who is it for?

Intrapreneurship refers to a framework where employees with ideas and entrepreneurial skills are granted a certain level of autonomy to develop projects of their own in a controlled and safe environment. Corporations encouraging intrapreneurship become more innovative, agile and reactive, like start-ups.

Practical issues will be covered during the conference, including:

  • – Corporate culture: Assessing your company readiness for Intrapreneurship
  • – Helping intrapreneurs navigate through corporate politics and resolve potential office place challenges
  • – Generating new business lines out of intrapreneurial initiatives
  • – Organizing Bootcamps designed to generate intrapreneurial projects
  • – Assembling a team of mentors to support intrapreneurs
  • – Tutorials on establishing a corporate incubator
  • – Which rewarding system to adopt
  • – Resolving valuation issues
  • – and more…

The event is designed for R&D Managers, Innovation managers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Human Resources Managers, as well as everyone interested in innovation, Enterprise 2.0 and the new trends of innovation management.

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