Intrapreneurship refers to a framework where employees with ideas and entrepreneurial skills are granted a certain level of autonomy to develop projects of their own in a controlled and safe environment.

Corporations encouraging intrapreneurship become more innovative, agile and reactive, like start-ups. However, when it comes to implementing intrapreneurial projects, they face a number of challenges and pitfalls including conflicts with business demands, time management and prioritization, developing risk vs reward strategies and more.

The Intrapreneurship Conference – in its new format – aims to provide participants with the tools they need to create efficient platforms supporting intrapreneurial initiatives.

Based on the feedback received from participants in the previous editions we have retooled the format of the conference and adapted it to their expectations. We have dedicated therefore most of the three days conference to practical workshops delivered by a group of Intrapreneurship experts and proven intrapreneurs.

The international group of selected experts will focus on how to overcome the obstacles intrapreneurs face and how to deliver valuable results both for the company and for the intrapreneurs.

Practical issues that will be covered during the conference including:

  • –  Corporate culture: Assessing your company readiness for Intrapreneurship
  • Helping intrapreneurs navigate through corporate politics and resolve potential office place challenges
  • Generating new business lines out of intrapreneurial initiatives
  • – Organizing Bootcamps designed to generate intrapreneurial projects
  • – Assembling a team of  mentors to support intrapreneurs
  • – Tutorials on establishing a corporate incubator
  • – Which rewarding system to adopt
  • – Resolving valuation issues and more.

The event is designed for Innovation managers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Human Resources Managers, as well as everyone interested in innovation, Enterprise 2.0 and the new trends of innovation management.

So are you ready to stop talking about intrapreneurship and start implementing it ?

We are looking forward to see you in Barcelona in December.

Barcelona/Spain will host the 2013 edition of the Intrapreneurship conference which will take place over two days (11/12/13 December) in partnership with Barcelona Activa. Early birds tickets are available for sale until october 15th, for more information and registrations: