Next week Thursday, we’ll welcome 75+ corporate innovators to the beautiful city of Vienna for a day focused on intrapreneurship as a driver for innovation and growth as well as corporate transformation and culture change.

Here’s what to expect.

Eye-opening Exchanges

As innovators, we’re not only tasked to deliver new products and services, we’re also innovating how innovation is done. We start the day with three eye-opening exchanges on some of the major shifts happening right now, and how you can lead your organizations to be fit for the future.

First up: Orit Wolf, who will showcase what we as innovators, managers and leaders can learn from musicians improvising on stage when disruptions and mistakes occur. Then, Khalid Bawar will challenge us that most approaches to digital transformation are not working- and what to do instead. Finally, we’ll have Tobias Haug share how adopting design thinking as a core principle will transform your leadership from the inside out.

Enlightening Examples

Is there a better way to learn than from real-life stories of peers? We always curate the best mix of perspectives, approaches and outcomes presented to you by intrapreneurs who have walked the talk. Bring your burning questions for a good discussion after the talks.

In track 1 we’ll focus on being fit and agile; culture change and organizational transformation. Did Casinos Austria hit the jackpot with their intrapreneurship program? How did Chiesi Spain manage to accelerate culture change, create new ventures and develop new capabilities in just a few months? And how did Marianne Constans manage to get diversity & inclusion off the ground at Imperial Brands, in true intrapreneurial fashion?

In track 2 we’ll focus on engaging with startups and outside ecosystems. It may come as a surprisde, but innovation in agro is sexy- David Saad from Agro Innovation Lab will be sharing how and why. Are corporate accelerators really delivering upon their promise to secure future business? Martin Bittner made Cisco’s EIR program #1 in Europe- what worked and what didn’t? At Materialise, co-creation is in their DNA. Through examples in healthcare, wearables, and industrial applications, Kristel Van den Bergh will shed light on the key success factors and challenges encountered in their co-creation journeys.

In track 3 it’s all about getting from idea to venture, faster. For Dejan Jovicevic of Der Brutkasten, it all start with an idea as part of a innovation challenge, and suddenly he found himself building a real corporate startup. Martin Bell was the architect of Rocket Internet’s (famous) 100-day launch process. How exactly could they launch hundreds of ventures faster than you’d imagine possible? If you want sustainable results, don’t forget the mothership though. Daria Mühletahler will be sharing how Swisscom’s Innovation Week focused on small improvements first, when raising innovators.

Engaging Experiments

In the afternoon breakouts, you’ll get to experiment with practical frameworks and engage in focused discussions, guided by three experts. Here’s what you can expect:

New and innovative business ideas are always developed under great uncertainty. This demands a totally different approach than the daily business routines of established companies. In Stefan Perkmann Berger’s workshop you’ll get access to a method that as worked for more than 1.000 startups and corporate innovation teams across a range of industries.

Innovation is everyone’s responsibility. One person alone can do little. However, by connecting the right people and combining their skills, capabilities and diversity, innovation can grow faster. Come and discover Deloitte’s internal approach to innovation, based upon building a community of intrapreneurs as well as a set of conditions for a sustainable development of ideas, facilitated by Milica Sundic.

Setting up sustainably successful business relationships between startups and corporates is more than challenging. How to identify the right partner based on own needs? How to setup the collaboration? How to govern the ventures? This workshop by Nicolai Schaettgen will leave you with an understanding of why and how you should be collaborating with startups.

Closing talks

We’ll close the day with a crash course in exponential ethos, by futurist Nell Watson. Our global society is experiencing an immense shift: Entire industries once considered ‘bricks and mortar’, such as taxi rides and hotel rooms, are being transformed into digital powerhouses. Physical objects are becoming dematerialised, democratised, and dynamically distributed to all, at ever decreasing costs, and incredible value.

Understanding the vast, disruptive power of exponential factors, and how to make effective use of them to amplify ones’ activities, is the fundamental key skill for enjoying massive business, technical, and societal success this century.

Before we start the networking drinks, we’ll have the hosts and moderators for the day Mark Bidwell, Thomas Kozlowski, Lisa Nyvoll and Orit Wolf share their key takeaways and wrap up the day.

Don’t miss #intracnf Vienna- last seats are on sale now!