We're pleased to announce these renowned intrapreneurship experts as your speakers and workshop leaders

Manfred Tropper

CEO & Founder of mantro.net

Corina Kuiper

Founder of the Innovation Family

Mike Southon

Serially successful entrepreneur, mentor and best-selling business author

Jan van de Ven

Manager Business Development & Innovation at Heijmans Civiel BV

Eric Dulkeith

Director at Detecon Inc.

Neil Fogarty

Managing Director at Spark Global Business

Marcello Schermer

Strategy and Innovation at Detecon Inc.

Dr. Thorsten Lambertus

Intrapreneur & Business Designer at Fraunhofer Venture

Gayatri Korhalkar

Service Design, Experimentation, Open innovation at NUMA

Jeroen Janss

Co-founder Brussels Mindfulness Institute and AmWell

Trisha Rassatt

Senior Marketing Manager & Innovation Catalyst, Intuit

Joris van Heukelom

Co-Founder at Makerstreet

Kate Hammer PhD FRSA

Co-founder of KILN & commercial storyteller

Roderick Martens

Director MakerLab

Milan Samani

Founder/director of Leadership Laboratories and programme director of The Intrapreneur Lab

Lars Schmitz

Head Emerging Business Program, Esri Germany

Nick De Mey

Co-Founder Board of Innovation

Claudio Vandi

Head of Corporate Innovation at Numa

Maggie De Pree

Director at The Human Agency, Co-Founder at Imaginals, Member of the League of Intrapreneurs

Joseph Agoada

Global Communication & Social Intrapreneurship Specialist, Ashoka

Michael Allen

Cofounder at TalkFreely

Solenn Thomas

Consultant at Managers by Alexander Hughes

Valerie Coulton

UX Strategist, Schibsted Media Group

Dan Taylor

Managing Director at Market Gravity New York

Cris Beswick

CEO at The Future Shapers

Gary Stewart

Director of Wayra UK

Peter Sayburn

Co-founder and CEO of Market Gravity

Anne Chanard

Intrapreneur & Innovation Facilitator at IP Montage

Vidar Andersen

Founding Principal at +Andersen & Associates

Astrid Sandoval

New Business Director at Guardian News & Media

Kay-Uwe Clemens

Co-Founder Future Internet Ware Association Europe

Jan Kennedy

Managing Partner - Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Sarah Fisher

Director of Global Markets for Global Surgery Innovation within Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Fred van Ommen

Co Founder at The Innovation Family & CEO Bizz Innovation Group

Olivier Reitz

Intrapreneur, Business Excellence and Quality Leader at GE Transportation