The League of Intrapreneurs : Multinationals want to bring positive sustainable impact through intrapreneurship

Can intrapreneurship bring a new impulse  which will help multinational corporations to generate genuine positive social and environmental impact in a much broader way than what is put in place so far ?

Ashoka Changemakers thinks so. A recent initiave entitled The League of Intrapreneurs, supported by the consulting, technology and outsourcing company Accenture, bets on intrapreneurship to build better businesses “from inside out”, as the initiator labelled it.

The League of Intrapreneurs is an online competition to find employees within multi-national corporations that are applying entrepreneurial skill sets to create positive social and environmental impact.

“The League of Intrapreneurs competition seeks social intrapreneurs who are pioneering new projects that have the capacity to transform business and society. These projects can include innovations in product development, supply chain management, human capital, or business models. Successful examples of social intrapreneurship have included employee-driven models like Vodafone’s M-Pesa, a mobile banking service with more than 17 million customers in Kenya”, summarize this blogpost.

The top 15 entrants from the competition will form the inaugural class of the League of Intrapreneurs, becoming part of an elite global network of changemakers, tells the press release.

These entrants will also receive media and press recognition and will be featured in the publication of a globally distributed intrapreneur toolkit. Of this league, the top four winners will be profiled on Fast Company’s blog, Co.EXIST, and will receive consulting support from Accenture Development Partnerships to further their work. Enter or nominate a solution before the deadline on December 5, 2012.

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Heather Dietz from Imaginals took part in the building process of the League of intrapreneurs initiative. She will share her insights social intrapreneurship and Ashoka Changemakers’ initiative during the Intrapreneurship 2012 conference in Paris, on Dec 13 2012.