Speakers 2012

Richard Boly is a career U.S. diplomat and currently the Director of the Office of eDiplomacy, an applied technology think tank for the U.S. Department of State. Previously, he launched the Global Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University. As Director of the US State Department Office of eDiplomacy, Richard Boly promotes the practical advantages of using social media for collaboration and support the development of intrapreneurial behaviours. (US)
Joris Van Heukelom moves on the cutting edges of innovation, publishing and technology. Previously he was vice president Content Development at MTV networks (Viacom) for 8 years and directed the digital division of Sanoma in the Netherlands for 4 years. Sanoma has recently put in place an Intrapreneurship framework. The last 2 years he focuses on start ups and analyzed their methodology to innovate. Joris is now chairman of the IAB board and partner at MakerStreet. (Bel-NL)
Ketan Makwana is a former 3M executive. Nowadays a self made serial entrepreneur, Ketan Makwana has started and sold a series of agencies since 2009 focussing on business, marketing and growth management. Ketan is  dedicated to development of entrepreneurial skill-sets, mind-sets and Intrapreneurial approaches. Ketan sits on the Advisory Boards for Enterprise India and Youth Employment UK, he is a special advisor on youth employment & enterprise to the UK government and contributor to Parliamentary workgroups. (UK)
Anne-Charlotte Teglborg is a researcher covering Intrapreneurship practices and approaches at the Novancia Business School. (Sweden-France)
Dirk Junghanns is one of the coordinator of The Garage initiative, an intrapreneurship platform giving Microsoft employees a support to develop and test their own project and technology ideas. (Denmark)
Olivier Leclerc is the director of the Entrepreneurial Initiatives at Alcatel-Lucent. Among other things, Olivier Leclerc is in charge of the Alcatel-Lucent bootcamp for employees aiming to develop their own entrepreneurial project. Nowadays, bootcamps are organised in sevral countries where the group is operating, such as Belgium, France, the US or China… (France)

Stefan Lindegaard is one of the most famous world expert of Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship. His focus on the topics of open innovation, social media tools and intrapreneurship has propelled him into being a trusted advisor to many large corporations. He has given talks and worked with companies on open innovation in Europe, South America, the U.S. and Asia. His blog is a globally recognized destination on open innovation. You can read further at www.15inno.com.

Arjen Hemelaar started his career working for multinationals DSM, Canon and AT&T Unisource. In 2000, he switched and became an entrepreneur. Started with friends M2MATCH, a search engine for real estate. Than moved on to start iKI beer, worlds first green tea beer. Since 2010 working for Team Academy, an international school for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, of which he became partner in 2012. (The Netherlands)
  Sabine Henrichfreise is an inspiring and successful business coach and a recognized expert in collective creative intelligence, leading edge management and transcultural executive coaching. Her client base extends throughout Europe and includes CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies. She created Philena, her own coaching and consulting company, dedicated to developing multicultural organizations, teams and international executives by strengthening their capacity to creating significant breakthroughs. (Germany)
Olivier Basso (Ph.D) is an expert in corporate entrepreneurship with particular emphasis in the areas of organizational behaviours and firm-level parameters fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. As a former Associate Professor at ESCP Europe and a current partner at Singleton Institute (Brussels), he has developed an extensive experience in designing and launching learning devices to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in several European companies (EADS, L’Oréal, ST Microelectronics, Arcelor-Mittal…). (France)
Heather Dietz is an innovation and sustainability consultant based in London, with 10 years of sustainability project development, communications coaching, and media experience. She holds a firm belief that high impact social and environmental change will come from the unlikeliest of places – the corporate sector – and has dedicated her talents to helping social intrapreneurs find new ways to connect, inspire, innovate, and take action. Some of her clients include: Nike, BP, Barclay’s, and SC Johnson. We have partnered with Ashoka to help build a movement around social intrapreneurship. (UK)
  Jose Mari Luzarraga works fot the Spanish group Mondragon Corporation, where he is in charge of the social entrepreneurs Team. Before joining Mondragon, Jose Mari Luzarraga used to be a strategic consultant for KPMG and for the Swedish web development company IconMedialab.
Amandine Barthélémy is a consultant specialized in social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. Through the new social agency Odyssem she co-founded a few years ago, she helps social entrepreneurs to scale up through replication and resources development, and fosters public and private actors to implement social innovation. Amandine Bathélémy is the co-author of the French Social Intrapreneurhsip report.