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Join the main international conference on Intrapreneurship - Limited seats available

Stop talking about Intrapreneurship : Implement it !

Intrapreneurship refers to a framework where employees with ideas and entrepreneurial skills are granted a certain level of autonomy to develop projects of their own in a controlled and safe environment.

Corporations encouraging intrapreneurship become more innovative, agile and reactive, like start-ups. However, when it comes to implementing intrapreneurial projects, they face a number of challenges and pitfalls including conflicts with business demands, time management and prioritization, developing risk vs reward strategies and more.

Create the right framework to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your employees and to boost innovation from within

The Intrapreneurship Conference aims to provide participants with the tools they need to create efficient platforms supporting intrapreneurial initiatives. In addition to practical workshops delivered by a group of international Intrapreneurship experts, the 3 days event will feature an open day organised in partnership with CSR Europe, Ashoka and BMW Foundation where inspiring keynotes and case studies will be presented and the European Social Intrapreneurship Program will be launched.

Our experts will focus on how to avoid the obstacles intrapreneurs face and how to deliver valuable results both for the company and for the intrapreneurs.

Some of the Practical issues that will be covered include:

  • Assessing the corporate culture and your company readiness for Intrapreneurship
  • Helping intrapreneurs navigate through corporate politics and resolve potential office place challenges
  • Assembling a team of mentors to support intrapreneurs
  • Organizing Bootcamps designed to generate intrapreneurial projects
  • Tutorials on establishing a corporate incubator
  • Which rewarding system to adopt
  • Resolving valuation issues and more.


We are firm believers that collaboration is an important part of the learning process. We therefore created various networking moments to intentionally encourage interactions and sharing during participatory workshops and networking social events, in order to complement the solid agenda of workshops and keynotes we have put together. Read more about these on the program page.

  • 12 December 2013 19:30

  • 12 December 2013 16:15 - 18:00

              How to put an intrapreneurial Bootcamp in place within your company A workshop facilitated by Olivier Leclerc, Director, Innovation & Intrapreneurship at Alcatel-Lucent Capitalizing on the example of Alcatel-Lucent and its experience with intrapreneurship, this session is meant to help participants: - ...

  • 12 December 2013 14:00 - 15:45

          How to create the proper cultural intrapreneurial framework within your company A workshop delivered by Neil Fogarty & Jamie Dunn, partners at Spark Global Business This workshop introduces and explores the various aspects of the environment for supporting corporate entrepreneurs – the intrapreneur ecosystem. In a ...

  • 12 December 2013 12:40 - 13:00

          A keynote by Philippe Méda, CEO at Merkapt Most innovative companies once in the market, end up following customers’ requests, and fail to be able to renew their perspective. This is the classical innovator’s dilemma. Intrapreneurship strategies reveal themselves as very solid ways of quenching these structural ...

  • 12 December 2013 12:20 - 12:40

    A keynote by Stéphanie Mitrano, Partner at Merkapt Learning to be an intrapreneur and developing entrepreneurial skills cannot happen in the classroom. Helping an intrapreneur to develop his project lies in the development of critical reflexivity rather than increasing the knowledge base: internalization of knowledge, ability to improvise and ...

  • 12 December 2013 12:00 - 12:20

    A keynote by Noam Wekser, University Country Leader and Member of the Board at Oracle According to the bureaucratic theory of organization, when everyone does his or her specialized job as directed by the boss, the whole works together and creates value for the customer and the shareholders. This sort of hierarchical coordination once worked ...

  • 12 December 2013 11:20 - 11:40

    A keynote by Olivier Leclerc, Director, Innovation & Intrapreneurship at Alcatel-Lucent Technologies and markets are evolving at an increasing pace. To keep up, companies have to change, transform and adapt or become obsolete and ultimately disappear. One key for the success of such transformation amounts to changing the Corporate culture ...

  • 12 December 2013 11:00 - 11:20

    A keynote by Neil Fogarty, Managing Director at Spark Global Business Intrapreneurship is in vogue – public and private sector organizations around the world talk about ‘wanting to be entrepreneurial’ but struggle to grasp the sheer scale of what this involves.  Major corporations like HP, Coca Cola and Lucent-Alcatel have invested heavily ...

  • 12 December 2013 10:15 - 10:35

    Barcelona Activa’s strategy and insight in how they are fostering the entrepreneurial behaviour within the Catalonian Workforce.

  • Juan-Jose Juan 11 December 2013, 12 december 2013

    Juan-Jose heads Enterprise Innovation at Vodafone Global Enterprise, the division of Vodafone managing the communications needs for the largest multi-national companies worldwide. Based in Vodafone’s Silicon Valley offices, Juan-Jose drives the programme to engage with multinational customers and strategic partners to implement the next ...

  • Rob de Graaf 12 december 2013

    Rob de Graaf leads the Front End Innovation team at Philips Innovation Services, Industry Consulting. Rob gets involved in innovation from the technology, business, and people perspective. He has experience in various industries, from telecom to financial services and from start-ups to large high tech companies. Rob also was an entrepreneur ...

  • Noam Wekser 12 december 2013, 13 December 2013

    A born Intrapreneur with more than eighteen years of professional experience, Noam has developed a unique active workshop designed to encourage hired employees to evolve into internal entrepreneurs within their place of work and become Intrapreneurs. Parallel to his current place of work in Oracle, he serves as a lecturer and Key Note Speaker ...

  • Hamish Forsyth 12 december 2013

    Hamish is Managing Director and co-founder of OneLeap, which helps the world’s leading organisations be more entrepreneurial, by working with the world’s best entrepreneurs. OneLeap builds your company’s people, new ventures and new revenue streams – fast. OneLeap’s work is supported by a Forbes-featured community ...

  • Olivier Leclerc 12 december 2013

    Olivier Leclerc is the director of the Entrepreneurial Initiatives at Alcatel-Lucent. Among other things, Olivier Leclerc is in charge of the Alcatel-Lucent bootcamp for employees aiming to develop their own entrepreneurial project. Nowadays, bootcamps are organised in sevral countries where the group is operating, such as Belgium, France, the ...

  • Neil Fogarty 12 december 2013

    Having built his first international multimillion dollar company by the time he was 28, Neil has been developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial businesses for twenty years. He has books and articles published on such business topics as entrepreneurship, business growth, intrapreneurship and corporate effectiveness.  He regularly blogs for ...

  • Stéphanie Mitrano 12 december 2013, 13 December 2013

    Stéphanie is a transition designer working with entrepreneurs and multinationals’ senior executives worldwide. She is an insightful and open-minded specialist in Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurial Mentoring. As the co-founder of the consulting agency Merkapt , Stéphanie helps start-up teams to create positive, performant and ...

  • Philippe Méda 12 december 2013, 13 December 2013

    Philippe is a business designer working in Europe and Asia. He is specialized in innovation strategies, and the co-founder of the consulting agency Merkapt. Half of his time he’s helping startups follow through their ideas on how to change the market and build a solid, sustainable business model. The other half os his time is...

  • Jean-Yves Huwart 12 december 2013

    Jean-Yves Huwart is the founder and CEO of Global Enterprise, a trends watching consulting firm, focusing on new working and innovation models and on the building up of new forms of ecosystems through various approaches such as open innovation and coworking. Globale Enterprise is the organizer of international annual events, among which the ...

  • Anis Bedda 11 December 2013, 12 december 2013, 13 December 2013

    Anis is an entrepreneur, an innovation enabler, and a multilingual global citizen. After working in Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, and Canada, he finally settled down in Brussels, Belgium where he cofounded BottomUp Innovation, a company helping organisations to innovate from the bottom up using the principles of Intrapreneurship, open innovation, ...

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