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Global Enterprise is a consulting firm, at the forefront of three cutting-edge topics : Open Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Coworking.

Our network of consultants, project managers, analysts and bloggers is playing an active role in supporting corporations, NGOs and public entities develop new physical and digital ecosystems in order to grow their agility and their innovation potential.

Barcelona Activa Seu Central Barcelona Activa For 25 years, Barcelona Activa has promoted the economic growth of Barcelona and its influence area, fostering businesses, entrepreneurship and employment, while promoting the city internationally and its strategic sectors, while maintaining proximity to the districts and citizens.The Barcelona Activa’s mission is to be the reference organization for policies supporting enterprises, employment creation and international projection of Barcelona, as an excellent environment for economic activity and social progress.

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CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility. Through its network of around 70 corporate members and 37 national CSR organizations, it gathers over 5,000 companies, and acts as a platform for those businesses looking to enhance sustainable growth and positively contribute to society.

Through the Enterprise 2020 initiative, CSR Europe fosters collaboration and innovative practical action to shape the business contribution to the European Union’s Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

BMW Foundation

The BMW Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to make an effective contribution to strengthening social cohesion and social innovation. The Foundation supports leaders who are mindful of the greater common good in their professional and personal lives and who engage in cooperative efforts to develop a vibrant civil society.

With its work, the Foundation promotes interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches and solutions. It provides orientation by making visible successful socio-political commitment and by promoting the dissemination and development of innovative exemplary projects directed towards the common good. The BMW Foundation sees itself as a platform for the cross-sectoral transfer of competencies.

Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with nearly 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries putting their system-changing ideas into practice. Founded in 1980, Ashoka provides start-up financing, professional support services, and connections to a global network across sectors, and serves as a platform for changemakers.

Ashoka launched the field of social entrepreneurship and has activated multi-sector partners across the world who increasingly look to entrepreneurial talent and new ideas to solve social problems. Ashoka Fellows remain the core of the Ashoka community; their insights show how the world is moving and what is needed next. Ashoka’s mission has evolved beyond catalyzing individual entrepreneurs to enabling an “Everyone a Changemaker” world.