Collaborative Workshop – How to deepen your intrapreneurial skills and spark a movement?
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- Anis Bedda on July 3, 2013 in




We’ve saved our most experiential workshop of the conference for last. Led by one of the founders of the League of Intrapreneurs, Maggie De Pree, and an advisor to it, Heidi Kikoler, this will be your chance to start to apply the rich learnings you’ve gained from the conference, and during your careers, to real world scenarios some intrapreneurs are facing today. They’ll share with group the Cubicle Warrior’s Toolkit created by the League using input from countless global experts, and then in true collaborative workshop fashion turn it over to the audience to work through the scenarios and share how they would address them using their intrapreneurial skills and mindset .

The League of Intrapreneurs – the global movement for social intrapreneurship – has released The Cubicle Warriors Toolkit: a series of five tools designed to help intrapreneurs working to drive positive change within large organizations. The tools are focused on helping to deepen an individual’s intrapreneurial capabilities and are in fact highly relevant for both intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs. page1image7696

Workshop Collaborators will walk away with:

  • + A set of tools that will help them to deepen their intrapreneurial skills and successfully implement their projects
  • + New ideas around how they can spark an intrapreneur movement internally
  • + New learnings and insights shared by other collaborators during the session
  • + A deeper connection with other collaborators
  • + Heightened confidence to take action!