Disrupt rather than becoming disrupted? Apply intrapreneurship!

“Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation will be the next big thing for the next 10 years” – Steve Blank If Steve Blank says something, innovation-minded folks listen. In a recent interview, he said: “Here’s a big idea that everybody’s been missing because it just happened. It’s the fact that large companies are now turning to startup […]

Looking back: reflections on the Intrapreneurship Conference 2013

“Should we change the name of the Conference for next year?” This was the final question asked at the Intrapreneurship Conference last week, and it is a good insight on where the field is currently at: just about to scale up (or across, not sure yet), but still fragmented between different spheres. The following article […]

Take the leap and start intrapreneuring – fast

One of the fantastic experts joining us for this year’s edition in Barcelona, is Hamish Forsyth. Hamish is Managing Director and co-founder of OneLeap, which helps the world’s leading organisations be more entrepreneurial, by working with the world’s best entrepreneurs. OneLeap helps your company build innovative new ventures and improve existing ones – fast. You can find […]

Forget super heroes – intrapreneurship is a team sport

If asked about entrepreneurship, many people will respond with some iconic names and great business builders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. They’re often hailed as super heroes who pursued their passions, believed in what they were doing and succeeded, which is only partly true: they never would have been that successful on […]