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Intrapreneurship helps organizations to generate new business growth, to build an environment to sustain innovation, to improve productivity and to increase financial returns. It also helps to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, to stretch and grow employees while keeping them engaged, and to facilitate and accelerate culture change. 

But embedding intrapreneurship is not easy because there is no single way to do it. The field of intrapreneurship itself is in continuous development and movement.

Since the start back in 2011, our model has been to create a space for intrapreneurship; to curate the best stories, ideas and people in this emerging field. 

It’s our goal to help corporate innovators driving intrapreneurship by hosting events in locations all around the globe, offering them the best content and access to a tribe of entrepreneurial leaders they don’t find at their own organizations.

We’ve welcomed 1500+ corporate innovators of all trades: intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs, innovation (program) managers and directors, heads of labs, incubators and accelerators, corporate venturing, strategy and business development managers, R&D and product development professionals, HR and organizational transformation leaders – all chasing similar objectives and facing similar challenges, across companies and industries.


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Silicon Valley

16-18 November 2016

More than just another conference, this is your 3-day intrapreneurship immersive. You’ll understand best and next practices, gain latest insights and get solutions to your challenges, by customizing the program to your needs.

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IntraCnf #6 New York
1-day Amsterdam March 2016
1-day Paris 14 April 2016
IntraCnf #7 Munich

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